International Christian University Scholarships 2024-2025

As the first liberal arts college to be established in Japan back in 1949, International Christian University is one of the best private universities in Tokyo, Japan. The institution has grown quite rapidly in the 21st-century to become a world-beater in research and academics. As a result of this the ICU is attracted to more international students looking to study in Asia.

In this article, we will be bringing to your knowledge information at the International Christian University scholarships for international students.


Admissions Guide and Access

International Christian University Scholarships accepts applications from new students in April and September 2024. Once the admission team is done assessing applicant documents, the applicant might also be called for a verbal interview in Japanese or English.
Students explore all the available topics throughout their sophomore year and only choose their desired area of specialization at the end of that period. Applicant will only be required to submit your documents online while considering the general qualification requirements. Be sure to read the admission guidelines stipulated on the institution’s official website for more information on the same.


Admission Requirements at the International Christian University for International Students

The requirements for joining the International Christian University may vary depending on applicants desired program.
• For a bachelor’s course, applicants will be required to submit their official high school transcript.
• Applicants may need to complete English language tests – if they are not a native English speaker – and submit the final scores during the application process.
• The cutoff points for TOEFL and IELTS tests are 79 and 6.5 respectively.
• Applicants also need to attach recommendation letters from your former teachers and a statement of purpose.

For postgraduate programs, it’s expected that all applicants should submit a completely filled application form. Some of the academic requirements that’ll be used to assess your application include a
• Bachelor’s degree in your desired field or an equivalent certificate.
• Similarly, to the bachelor’s program application, applicant need to prove their English language proficiency.


List of Scholarship provided by International Christian University

Below are the number of scholarships provided by the International Christian University.

1. Abilene Christian University International Student Scholarships

Abilene Christian University offers students a wide range of scholarship opportunities to Christian international students who have been accepted to pursue a degree at the school. There are scholarships for international undergraduate students worth $23,000 with a housing grant for all international students who successfully qualify for the award.

2. Harvey Fellows Program

The Harvey Fellows Program is worth $16,000 and targeted at Christian students who are pursuing graduate degrees at premier universities in fields considered to be underrepresented by Christians. To be eligible for this award, you must be enrolled in a 4-year college and come from the US, Canada, or any part of the world.
There are also academic scholarships, program-specific scholarships, and general scholarships for international students. Each of these scholarships have different requirements that you must satisfy before you can win the award.

3. Cynthia H. Kuo Scholarship

The Cynthia H. Kuo Scholarship is for Chinese students who are actively involved in the Christian faith and/or youth group. The scholarship applicant must either be a first-gen in the US or born overseas and be planning to attend a 4-year college in the US on a full-time basis. You must also have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 and demonstrate financial need.

4. Central Christian College of the Bible Full Tuition Torch Scholarship

The Full Tuition Torch Scholarship at CCCB is for highly qualified students with academic potential and a heart for service. It is available to both international and domestic students as long as you have applied for a full-time undergraduate degree program at the university and accepted you can qualify for the scholarship.

Other eligibility requirements include a minimum of 22 ACT and a minimum CGPA of 3.5 on a scale of 4.0, you will also submit an application, respond to a writing prompt online, and interview with the Torch Scholars Committee whether in-person or virtual.

5. Texas Christian University Scholarships

TCU is one of the top universities in Texas and they offer varieties of scholarship opportunities to international and domestic students. The scholarships cover students who want to pursue either an undergraduate or graduate degree program at TCU.

Financial Support an Applicant can Apply for in International Christian University
Individuals wishing to come to ICU who have achieved outstanding academic results in the entrance exam education and who have need for financial assistance in order to attend ICU are invited to Apply for the following scholarships.

6. ICU Peace Bell Scholarship

Eligibility: Students applying to ICU as First Year “Regular” Students who possess strong personal character and high academic promise, and who demonstrate financial need.
Award amount: One million yen per year for four years (the standard length of time it takes to graduate from ICU). Note that in cases where academic performance at ICU falls to meet minimum standards, the awards may be revoked.

Deadline for Applications: for ICU Peace Bell Scholarship must be submitted together with the application documents for admission.
Please do well to log onto for official information on scholarships and all admissions related questions.
Thank you.