What are 3 types of scholarships?

Are you searching for scholarships to complete your college education? You are at the right place, as we have discussed about the types of scholarships available for students. Each year, a large number of students compete fiercely to find and win simple scholarships due to the rising cost of college tuition. To assist students in finding quality scholarships, there are numerous scholarship platforms. These financial aid packages assist students with their living and tuition costs. They could be endowed by a person, sponsored by a company, or supported by the school. Some are given purely on the basis of academic performance, while others are based on financial need.

There are many types of scholarships, from academic to athletic and need-based to identity-specific scholarship programs. Recipients typically don’t need to repay the funds they receive in the form of scholarships, which makes this type of funding particularly appealing.

1. Academic Scholarships
Academic scholarships, also referred to as merit scholarships, are awarded to students who’ve demonstrated academic excellence or exceptional skill in an area. For example, a merit-based scholarship might be based on an applicant’s cumulative GPA.

This kind of scholarship is provided by numerous sources, including:

  1. Schools
    Some high schools provide academic scholarships to their top graduating seniors. Additionally, the college you’re attending might have scholarships available.
  2. Federal
    Nationally recognized organizations offer federal academic scholarships based on different criteria and specifications.
  3. Local
    Students might also find scholarships sponsored by their state, county, city or local associations.

2. Athletic Scholarships
Athletic scholarships are offered to student-athletes by their college. These full- and partial-scholarship programs are offered to a select few students who have shown exceptional skill in their sport.

Typically, when participating in an athletic scholarship you’re expected to maintain satisfactory academic performance to continue receiving funding.

3. Scholarships for Extracurriculars
Students who participate in extracurricular activities might be able to find scholarship opportunities for their unique interests. For example, scholarships for students who dance, act, draw, or participate in Boy Scouts, Key Club, and more exist.

4. Student-Specific Scholarships
There are many types of scholarships that are based on the student’s personal situation or affiliation. Some of these kinds of scholarships include:

  1. Religious Scholarships
    For example, your specific religious denomination. These scholarships are generally available to students who are actively involved in a faith-based community, or who are pursuing religion-based college courses.
  2. First-Generation Scholarships
    Students who are the first in their families to attend college may qualify for specific scholarships.
  3. Legacy Scholarships
    These scholarships are exclusively for students whose parents or close family members are alumni of the same institution.
  4. Identity-Based Scholarships
    In addition to the student-specific scholarships discussed above, scholarship programs are also available based on a student’s personal identity. Some identity-based categories include BIPOC, Women, and LGBTQIA+.
  5. Hispanic Heritage
    Scholarships are available based on heritage. Students of Hispanic or Latinx heritage may be able to qualify for specific heritage-based scholarships like those offered by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.
  6. African American
    Specific scholarships are available for African American students as well.
  7. Women
    Scholarships for women are another subset of options.
    LGBTQIA+-identifying students may be eligible for scholarships as well.
  9. learning Disabilities
    These scholarships are available to select students who have diagnosed learning and attention issues. For example, the National Center for Learning Disabilities offers scholarships.

5. Need-Based Scholarships
One of the most popular types of scholarships for college are need-based. These scholarships are accessible to applicants who have a demonstrated financial need, and a program might ask for proof, such as income documentation or FAFSA® information.

You can find need-based scholarships from national organizations, as well as within your state, local community, and even through your own school.

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6. Employer Scholarships
Employer scholarships are offered to employees of a company or an employee’s college bound student. Aside from having an affiliation with the employer, students might need to meet other eligibility criteria to be selected for an award.

7. Military Scholarships
Private and public entities sponsor military scholarships for students who currently serve or have served in the U.S. armed forces. If you’re a first-time freshman and participated in Reserve Officer Training Corps, consider reaching out to your school’s ROTC officer to learn about your options.

8. STEM Scholarships
STEM scholarships are accessible to students who are pursuing a college education in a science, technology, engineering, or math discipline. Some scholarships programs are offered specifically to students who identify with a particular group, for example, STEM scholarships for minority students.

9. Scholarships Based on Major
Regardless of what you’ve chosen as your college major, there’s likely a scholarship suited for you. These scholarships are provided by some college departments, the school itself, or private organizations who want to encourage students to pursue a particular area of study.

10. No Essay Scholarships
This kind of scholarship explicitly doesn’t include a written essay or personal statement component. You might prefer this type of scholarship if writing isn’t your forte, but there might be another required competent in its place such as a video or other creative submission.