Ewha Womans University Scholarships 2024-2025

Ewha Woman University is calling! your dream of getting enrolled in the university has been finally met as the university has opened its scholarship doors for students who want a degree from the university.
One hundred thirty-six years ago, Ewha opened the door for women’s education for the first time in this country, from a humble beginning with just one student. Since then, each one of Ewha’s footsteps has been a miracle, rewriting history, breaking social taboos and tirelessly taking on challenges based on the Christian spirit of love and dedication.

Available Scholarships for Incoming International Students to Ewha Womans University

1. EGPP (Ewha Global Partnership Program)
Applicants from developing countries applying through the special admissions process for international applicants, who demonstrate (female) leadership potential.
Coverage of the scholarship:
• Full tuition (Including admission fee),
• housing fee (for dormitory residents),
• stipend
Payment period:
Freshman: max 8 semesters
Transfer: max 4 semesters
Master’s: max 4 semesters

2. Ewha Language Center (ELC) Excellence in Korean Language Scholarship
Applicants seeking admission for undergraduate programs (freshman) through the special admissions process for international applicants, after having completed at least 3 semesters and Level 6 of the ELC Korean Intensive Program.
Coverage of the scholarship:
• Partial Tuition
Payment period:
• First semester

3. ISS M(Merit-based) _Undergraduate
• Undergraduate students admitted through the special admissions process for international applicants, and are fully enrolled, having earned a minimum of 15 credits without failure in the previous semester, and shown outstanding academic achievement.
• Varied amounts of tuition (based on ranking)

Type of Scholarships

A Permanently Restricted Fund
The beauty of Ewha Womans University scholarship endowment (permanently restricted fund) is that the principal may not be exhausted and becomes a permanent asset for the school. The principal is invested, and the interest and gains earned from the principal are given to the scholarship recipients once its conditions are fulfilled. The principal remains intact, ensuring that the fund continues in perpetuity. The permanently endowed fund requires a certain level of contribution in order to establish, usually at least $10,000 within three years. The most preeminent benefit of an endowed scholarship is that it lasts forever, honoring the donor and benefiting many students perpetually.

A Temporarily Restricted Fund
In a temporarily restricted fund, the principal may be used after the conditions of the restriction, like a time period or specific purpose has been fulfilled. The allowance use of the income of a temporarily restricted asset may also be restricted by the terms of the donation. Depending on the terms of the Ewha Womans University scholarships, it may last for one year or several. A temporary scholarship is often created by a donation of an amount not sufficient for an endowment. It is also possible to create a temporary fund instantly, with the intention of making annual contributions to award scholarship for a time being.

Application Deadline:

closing date for application is October 30th

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