Doshisha University Scholarships 2024-2025

If you have been wondering if Doshisha University Scholarships 2024-2025 is currently opened, then the answer is yes! We have compiled all the step-by-step processes and the type of scholarships that has been made available for applicant both domestic and international. Applicants are therefore advised to read carefully for every detailed information.
As one of the nation’s oldest universities, it sits at the heart of Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto City. Doshisha University, a private institution in Japan, started offering education in 1875 through a dedicated Meiji-era educator, Joseph Hardy Neesima. Over 28,000 students make up the university’s student body, receiving a world-class education. Since more than 145 years ago, the university has continued to fulfill its dream of providing consistent education that eventually led to an integrated educational system and has 16 graduate schools, two professional graduate schools, and 15 faculties.


International Admissions Guide at Doshisha University

Doshisha University offers its English-taught undergraduate courses through the Institute of Liberal Arts. The institute consists of programs from six faculties: Letters, Sociology, Law, Economics, Commerce, and Policy Science. Doshisha University also offers English-taught graduate programs for international students. Some of the graduate schools that offer these programs are the graduate schools of Life and Medical Sciences, Global Studies, Brain Science, Science and Engineering, and Business.

Application Fee for Doshisha University:
The application fee for Doshisha University undergraduate studies is $150. The graduate studies application fee is between $100 to $150, depending on the program of study of the applicant.


Admissions Requirements at Doshisha University for International Students

All International students looking to join the undergraduate programs at Doshisha University should meet the admission requirements. These requirements include the following:
• A complete twelve-year school education and English language proficiency through an English language proficiency test score.
• Applicants’ native English speakers automatically meet the English language requirement.
• Applicants personal statement,
• Applicants’ letters of recommendation
• Applicants’ identification documents.


List of Scholarships

1. Doshisha University Merit scholarships

Scholarship amount: up to 100% tuition fee reduction
Degrees offered: Undergraduate, Master’s, and/or Ph.D.
Doshisha University offers Merit Scholarships to international students who are pursuing a degree in one of the universities available undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The scholarship aims to support students to focus on their field of study free from any financial problems that the student may encounter without financial aid. The scholarship provided may vary depending on the chosen degree programs, entrance examination results, and research proposals of the applicant.
Students in request of the scholarship must pass the entrance examination and obtain a Student, Permanent Resident, Long-term Resident, or Dependent resident status. They must gain entry and enroll full-time in undergraduate or postgraduate programs at the university. Students for undergraduate degrees may receive a minimum of 20% up to 100% off their tuition fees. Meanwhile, students for master’s and/or Ph.D. courses may receive a 30%-100% tuition fee reduction.


2. Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

• Scholarship amount: 85,000 yen per month plus 100% off of university fees
• Degrees offered: Undergraduate
The Doshisha University proudly offers scholarships to international students from developing countries. It aims to help foster the talents and skills of students to contribute to the success of their countries. Students may benefit from 100% off university fees such as admission fees, tuition fees, facilities, and laboratory fees. Applicants must submit their scholarship and Entrance Examination for International Undergraduate Students applications simultaneously. Consequently, they may receive an amount of up to 85,000 yen per month plus 100%-off of university fees. The funding period will cover two years of their study period.

If they obtain an overall GPA of 2.0 (or above), earning at least 50% of credits required to complete their second year, they may renew their scholarship up to the standard years until they finish their degrees.


3. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program

• Scholarship amount: a tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend, travel allowances, and other additional fees
• Degrees offered: Undergraduate
The Ministry of Education of the Japanese Government will give financial support to international students pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Japan. The financial aid aims to strengthen the international relations and cultural exchange between Japan and other countries across the globe. The Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program are for those individuals from countries that have diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. Students may receive a tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend, travel allowances, and other additional stipends. The maximum funding period is up to 5 years which, includes the one-year Japanese language preparatory course.

How to Apply for Doshisha University Scholarships

The following steps must be taken by an applicant in accessing the scholarship provided by the university. The steps are as follows:

1. Documents necessary for the admission procedure, including the acceptance letter, will be sent to newly enrolled students.

2. For successful application, applicants should please pay School Fees through a financial institution by the designated payment due date. In case the admission procedure is not completed by the due date, admission will not be granted.
A paid Registration Fee or Admission Fee is not refundable.

Among the successful applicants to the Graduate School of Brain Science (including Third- Year Transfer Students), those who are eligible for the pre-admission scholarship must follow a different admission procedure in accordance with the instruction described in the document attached to the acceptance letter.


Application Deadline: closing date is 30 September.

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