Columbia University Scholarships 2024-2025

Have you been dreaming of exploring Columbia through Columbia University Scholarships? Then your dream has finally come to pass as we are privileged to announce to you that the university of Columbia has once again opened its scholarship doors for interested applicants who wish to have their degree in all levels of studies to apply as this article is made up of all the step-by-step guidelines in applying for the scholarship.

Tuition & Fees

In addition to considering the official tuition and fees costs, it may be worthwhile for you to calculate what you expect your expenses to be. Your full cost of attendance may include expenses such as books, supplies, and housing. Please contact your school’s financial aid office for more information on those costs.

How to Apply for International Applicants

In order to be eligible for admission, international applicants must hold, or be in the process of obtaining, the equivalent of a U.S. baccalaureate degree. In addition to the standard application documents, international applicants are required to submit a transcript evaluation (see below) and an English proficiency exam (see below), depending on where they completed their baccalaureate degree.

Do not submit bank statements, proof of funds, or photocopies of passports with application materials. Financial documents only need to be submitted if an applicant is offered admission, and these documents should never be sent to the Office of Admission.
Any documentation not issued in English must be accompanied by a notarized English translation.

Application Deadlines

In order to provide enough time for visa processing, applicants who will require a student visa to attend Teachers College must submit their application by the following deadlines:

Spring: October 15
Summer: February 1
Fall: June

Students interested in applying for any of the below fellowships must contact your School Financial Aid Office. Please submit all the necessary documents as required by each fellowship.

List of Columbia University Scholarships

Clifford and Siegfried Upton Scholarship
This scholarship is intended to benefit the children, adopted children, and stepchildren of the employees of Boston-based Houghton-Mifflin Company, its subsidiaries, or successor companies. The minimum amount of a scholarship is $1,000 for a school year and increased according to the needs of the candidate. This fellowship is available to graduate or undergraduate students.

Required Documentation: Letter from employer verifying eligibility


George W. Ellis Fellowship
The George W. Ellis Fellowship is available to graduate students who are residents of Vermont or who have graduated from an accredited Vermont college or university.

Required documentation:

Residents of Vermont should provide a copy of taxes, driver’s license, or voter registration documentation.
Graduates from a Vermont college should provide a copy of their academic transcript.


Leta Stetter Hollingsworth Fellowship
This fellowship is available to female graduate students at Columbia who are graduating from or graduated from the University of Nebraska.

Required Documentation:

A copy of the student’s transcript from the University of Nebraska

A letter of reference from a faculty member of the University of Nebraska


Paul Nichoplas Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is to benefit a male or female student in area of the University who has attended college or university in Greece. It is available to graduate or undergraduate students for two years.

Required Documentation: An affidavit or transcript


Richard T. Wamser Fellowship
The Richard T. Wamser Fellowship is available to male and female undergraduate students of Native American descent. Students must work at least 10-20 hours per week during the term they receive assistance from the fund.

Required Documentation:

To verify that the student meets the criterion, please provide one of the below:
Certification of Report of Birth issued by Dept. of State (DS-1350)
U.S. Citizen ID Card (I-197 or I-179)
Native American tribal documents
Students involved in athletic activities should include a written statement outlining their participation.

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