Are There Scholarships for Community College or Technical/Vocational College Students?

Most people ask this question “Are There Scholarships for Community College or Technical/Vocational College Students?”  The average Not every student that advances into higher education signs up for a four-year curriculum. Some high school graduates seek job training that lasts a year or two and then places them in the workforce. Technical, trade and vocational schools do not always bask in the financial aid limelight attracted by high-profile universities, but scholarships and grants are available for trade schools too.

Stalwart federal programs do not exclude trade students from participating. Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) offer technical school alternatives, for applicants pursuing diplomas, certificates, and associate degrees. And among the hundreds of different vocations and trades, scholarship-seekers enjoy access to interested organizations and educational foundations that support specific career programs.

How to win community college scholarships

Community college can be a place where you meet a variety of people! Students choose to attend community college for all kinds of reasons, which means you may be competing against a diverse number of people for community college scholarships.

Making sure your scholarship applications stand out is important. This might feel overwhelming to think about, but luckily our site has lots of resources that you can use! Articles like writing about why you deserve a scholarship, how to start writing a scholarship and how to write a winning scholarship essay can help you stand out.

Vocational Scholarships for Women

Certain groups within the college student population qualify for special financial assistance. Student-specific assistance often originates at the campus level; including vocational school scholarships and grants that specifically target female recipients. Women interested in practicing certain trades combine their gender with their career choices, to obtain subject-specific vocational scholarships:

National Organization for Women – York County Chapter administers an important scholarship for women called the Mae Millstone York NOW Scholarship. Female applicants from a range of educational disciplines are encouraged to compete for the annual awards, which have no limitations regarding the type of educational program candidates pursue. At least one $1000 award is dispensed annually, but funding often allows for several individual grants each year. Technical and vocational school students have earned the scholarships, as well as those candidates pursuing four-year degrees.

Talbot’s Women’s Scholarship Fund brings corporate philanthropy to women’s educational pursuits; sponsoring funding for university students, as well as those enrolled in technical vocational programs. Six women earn $10,000 each, while another 60 get $1000 in scholarships. The program focuses on women who are returning to higher education, after interruptions.

Women aged 50-plus are eligible for AARP Scholarships that fund community college, technical college, and continuing education programs. Financial need is required, and successful applicants are enrolled in certificate, diploma, or associate degree programs.

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting puts forth financial assistance for female degree candidates, including the Women in Transition and the Women in Need Scholarships.

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